When it comes to housekeeping, the word “light” is not in our vocabulary.

als girls celebrate his birthdayWe encourage our caregivers to come to work every day with a song in their heart, fully expecting to “pull out all the stops” and ensure your loved one receives the highest quality of care:

When it comes to housekeeping chores, the word “light” is not in our vocabulary. We understand that when the shift is over, if the cleaning and laundry isn’t done thoroughly, it probably won’t get done at all. So whether your loved one is on his /her own, or living with you, when Golden Heart shows up, we clean with gusto!

The same principle applies for meal preparation. At the time in life when your loved one most needs good nutrition and appetizing menus, we focus on keeping the standard high. We know good home cooking is “food for the soul” and we work with your loved one to ensure a healthy diet with recipes that tickle their taste buds!