al lee

Body, Mind, and Soul

We value every facet of the lives of our clients. Our primary objective is to provide optimum care, and we do that by focusing on the whole person. We are unconditional in our approach to care for their physical needs; meet them where they are mentally and emotionally; and empower them to embrace their spiritual core during this season in life when they are experiencing loss in so many other ways.

As a non-medical Home Care Company, we understand that most of our clients will be experiencing emergency and/or degenerative health conditions. While we never operate out of our scope of practice, we always hire Caregivers who are clinically trained, i.e., Certified Nursing Assistants or above in most areas. These dedicated professionals are equipped to keep a watchful vigil over the health of each client as they go about their daily routine – whether it is personal care, household duties, or more complex services. We are proactive in helping our clients enjoy the best health possible. We work with their medical practitioners to keep them out of hospital and/or help them fully rehabilitate after a hospital/rehab stay. We lovingly “case manage” their care to deter the progression of chronic conditions.
Our minds are intrinsically linked to our health and well-being. Therefore we take time to get to know each person’s personalities – their passions, strengths, fears, eccentricities – as well as any memory or behavioral conditions. All of these factors help define the specific care plan a person may need, and the type of Caregivers who will be most valuable to each Client.
We actively recognize the spiritual needs as an integral part of each senior who comes into our care. We embrace their heritage and integrate their faith/belief system into the care services they receive. This could include anything from providing faith-based dietary needs (e.g., Kosher, Halal) to supporting religious observances – or just simply transportation to their place of worship.

We meet your loved ones “where they are” to fulfill their holistic care needs. At this time in their lives when they are most in need of a sense of well-being, we are committed to help them achieve this by focusing on their whole person.